Do you suffer from Headache or migraines?
Treatment of Headache. Most headaches are tension headaches, caused by a muscle spasm in the back of the head and neck. The spasm can be sparked by.

CHRONIC NECK PAIN: Chronic neck pain can be a major cause of Headaches. When joints and muscles of the neck are injured due to whiplash or other injuries, the outcome can be chronic headaches. The neck area is comprised of many nerves that can stimulate nerves within the head to bring on headache symptoms. Arthritic joints of the neck including facet joints and disc joints are frequent causes of neck pain.

Do you suffer from stress?
Have you been told you get tension headaches?

MUSCLE SPASM: Spasms of neck muscles can cause trigger points or ‘knots’ in our muscles. These are also known as myofascial trigger points. Myofascial pain of the neck and even scalp muscles is a common cause of headaches. These are often called ‘Muscle Tension Headaches’ and according to many sources within the Literature, are the most common cause of Headaches. Migraine headaches can also be generated from a muscle tension headache. Most muscle tension headaches begin in the neck and areas just below the skull at the top of the neck, otherwise known as Occipital Headaches.

Do you get vision problems with your headache?
Do lights bother you when you have a headache?

EYE STRAIN: Eye strain due to improper eye focus or chronic eye or visual fatigue is a common cause for Headaches. This can be diagnosed by first recognizing that you strain your eyes in dim light or even in broad daylight. Frequent computer use contributes greatly to eye strain as does other types of work that require intense eye focus. Proper and regular eye examinations and checking of eye wear prescriptions is recommended for individuals with frequent headaches.

IMPROPER POSTURE: When we do not hold our head over our shoulders in a level and centered position, it is common to experience headaches that are at least in part due to muscle tension. Our posture should reflect a well balanced body. If we teeter the head out in front of the center of gravity of the body, muscles work too hard and eventually fatigue. Muscle fatigue causes Trigger point, commonly known as knots. Trigger points are hot zones for the spreading of muscle spasm and often cause muscle tension headaches.

Chronic sinus pressure?
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SINUS PRESSURE: Sinus Pressure can affect headaches. They can also cause headaches as well. Sinus pressure can be due to infections of the sinus cavities that are located within the facial bones. If these are inflamed and or clogged with mucous, this can cause frequent or constant headaches. Growths of polyps within the sinus and or nasal cavity can also be a cause of sinus abnormalities. A proper examination and possible X-ray or other imaging method may be necessary to diagnose sinus abnormality.